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Cessna SET C208 Class Rating

Course description

The class rating course enables pilots to extend their competency to a new class of aircraft and to gain access to new professions such as parachuting and aerial photography and cargo transport. Le Cessna C208 Caravan is a common aircraft found across the world and its uses are varied.

The holder of a Cessna C208 Caravan rating enables the pilot to act as pilot in command of a Cessna C208 Caravan (FCL.705).

The objective of the C208 rating is familiarisation and mastery of the aircraft in all situations Le Cessna C208 does not demande any special flying skills but the aircraft is considered complex from the point of view of on board systems (electrical and powerplant). Because of this dealing with failures and emergency situations cannot be left to chance.

Course entry conditions

As the Cessna C208 Caravan belongs to the single engine single pilot high performance aircraft category (FCL.720.A) candidates must have:

  • A valid PPL(A) or CPL(A),
  • A valid class 1 or 2 medical certificate, and
  • At least 200 flight hours of which 70 hours as pilot in command.

Detailed course description

The C208 training takes place of one week and comprises :

  • The ground school classes for the technical knowledge required to operate a single pilot single engine high performance aircraft.
  • 3 hours 30 minutes of practical flight training on the Cessna C208 Caravan in VMC.


  • Cessna Caravan C208
  • Fully equipped classrooms
  • Briefing rooms
  • Large flight preparation room

Diplomas and examinations

The C208 class rating is validated by an approved  flight examiner during a practical skill test. The licence can then be endorsed with a Cessna SET rating.


Course duration is one week

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