EPAG NG Flight Training Centre

Flight Instructor FI (A)

Course description

The objective of the aircraft flight instructor course is to learn the teaching techniques required for flight training. It also leads the candidate to analyse basic flying skills, develop classroom briefings and to organise and present a flight lesson.

The privileges of an FI(A) instructor rating (notwithstanding the restrictions in FCL.910.FI), enable the holder to carry out flight instruction for the issue, revalidation or renewal of:
  1. a PPL and  LAPL for the appropriate category of aircraft,
  2. class and type ratings for single pilot, single engine aircraft with the exception of complex high performance single pilot aircraft,
  3. a CPL for the appropriate category of aircraft as long as the instructor has at least 500 flight hours on the aircraft type and at least 200 hours of flight instruction experience,
  4. a night rating if the instructor has:
    1. a night rating for the catergory of aircraft;
    2. demonstrated his ability to carry out night instruction to a qualified flight instructor and
    3. has the required experience for night flight according to FCL.060, paragraph b) 2) of EU 1178/2011 regulations;
e.  a glider towing rating or aerobatics as long as the FI already has these privileges and has demonstrated his ability to instruct these ratings to a qualified flight instructor.



This training can be carried out on:

  • DA40 - tricycle landing gear,
  • CAP10 - tail wheel aircraft
  • Fully equipped classrooms
  • Briefing rooms
  • Large flight preparation rooms

Course entry conditions

  • Age 18,
  • Have carried out 10 hours of basic instrument training with a maximum of 5 hours on a certified simulator,
  • Have at least 20 hours of VFR cross country flight as pilot on command and

1) Hold a CPL(A) ; or
2) Hold a PPL(A) and:

i) Satisfy the theoretical CPL knowledge requirements except for an FI(A) providing training for the LAPL(A) only; and

ii) Have at least 200 hours on aircraft or TMG of which 150 as pilot in command;

  • Have at least 30 hours on single engine piston aircraft of which 5 must have been completed during the 6 months preceeding the course entry assessment,

  • Have completed one VFR flight as pilot in command of at least 540 km (300 NM) with two full stop landings at different aerodromes

  • Successfully pass the course entry assessment: a supervised flight in compliance with FCL.930.FI a) (EU regulation 1178/2011), in the 6months before and at least 1 month before the course start date.

Course details

The training is done in two phases:

  • An initial 25 hours of courses on teaching techniques.
  • Practical group exercises and lessons in flight or on simulators.

The group exercises are designed to present a lesson in front of a class in order to analyse flight skills, regulations and threats. This part is made up of 100 hours of group and personal work.

The flight lessons (20 hours) and simulator (5 hours) are carried out with a flight instructor trainer who plays the role of a student pilot. In addition, 5 hours of mutual solo flights between candidates are used to improve flight anf teaching skills.

Diplomas and examinations

The course is completed with a state examination where the examiner will verify a classroom lesson on a chosen subject and a practical flight lesson.


6 weeks

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