EPAG NG Flight Training Centre

Integrated CPL IR ME airline pilot course

Course description

The objective of the integrated airline pilot course is to train an ab initio pilot to obtain the comptency required to become a 1st officer on multi-crew  commercial transport aircraft of greater than 5.7 tonnes or as a pilot in command on a single pilot commercial aircraft.

This training begins with the airline pilot theory (ATPL) course and continues with basic practical flight training on a single engine aircraft, followed by advanced training on twin engine aircraft and simulators. Throughout the ground and flight training courses the student will acquire the know-how and interpersonal skills required for an airline pilot career. The future pilot will encounter diverse technical and meteorological situations requiring decision making skills and building real life experiences.

The level of aviation flight safety requires attention and vigilance at all times from everyone. This high level is acquired through in depth training and the correct application of procedures.

Course entry requirements

  • Aged 17+ years
  • Class 1 medical certificate
  • Course entry assessment in Maths, Physics and English (high school level)

Course details

  • ATPL theory course: 14 modules (750 hours over 6 months)
  • Basic flying skills: 25 hours of practical flight training and 49 hours of solo flight
  • Advanced flying skills: 17.5 hours on a complex aircraft (variable pitch propeller, retracting gear)
  • Instrument flight: 45 hours of flight and simulator training
  • Advanced instrument flight: 50 hours of flight and simulator training
  • Multi-crew co-operation: 20 hours of training on a Boeing 737NG simulator


 Training resources

  • Diamond DA40 for basic training
  • Socata TB20 for advanced and instrument training
  • Diamond DA42 for twin engine instrument training
  • Certified FNPT II Frasca and Alsim simulators
  • Fully equipped classrooms
  • Briefing rooms
  • A large flight preparation room

Certification and examinations

  • ATPL theory certificates
  • CPL (A) Commercial Pilot's Licence
  • SEP (A) Single engine piston rating
  • MEP (A) Multi-engine pistion rating
  • IR (A) Instrument rating
  • MCC Multi-crew co-operation

Course duration

  • Theory course: 750 hours over 6 months
  • Practical training: 196.5 hours 
  • Total flight hours: 151.5 hours
  • Total simulator hours: 45 hours

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