EPAG NG Flight Training Centre

Modular CPL (A)

Course description

The objective of a modular commercial pilot's licence is to provide the competency level required for an experienced private pilot to become:
  • Pilot in command or co-pilot of any aircraft not operated for commercial air transport, or
  • Pilot in command for commercial air transport operations on any single pilot aircraft in compliance with the restrictions laid out in paragraph FCL.060, or
  • Co-pilot for commercial air transport operations in compliance with the restrictions laid out in paragraph FCL.060 
The objective of the commercial pilot course is not to teach flying skills which have already been learned as a private pilot but to perfect operation of a complex aircraft (variable pitch propeller and retracting gear).

Management of systems failures, the decision to continue a flight depending on weather conditions and optimised flight procedures are daily exercises.

The training is heavily orientated towards human factors and threat management in order to prepare the student for future responsibilities as a professional pilot in command.

Course entry requirements

  • Aged 18 
  • PPL (A) with a valid SEP
  • Class 1 medical certificate
  • Have 185 flight hours of which 100 as pilot in command. Of these 100 hours, 20 must be cross country flights and at least one journey of 300NM
  • An assessment of flight and theory skills
  • Night rating
  • Hold a valid CPL or ATPL theory certificate
  • Hold the basic instrument training certificate

Course details

The CPL course is divided into two parts:

  • Basic instrument flight training (10h) if this course has not already been completed.
  • Practical flight training on Socata TB20 complex aircraft. 15 hours with an instructor


Training equipment

  • Socata TB 20: single engine complex aircraft for practical training
  • Certified Frasca FNPT II simulator: for the basic instrument training
  • Fully equipped classrooms
  • Briefing rooms
  • Large flight preparation room
Diplomas and examinations
A certificate of successful completeion of the basic instrument course is signed by the Head of Training.

The CPL (A) course is validated by an approved examiner who will verify the candidate's comptency in terms of flying skills and theoretical knowledge. The DGAC will issue the licence is the examination is successful.

  • Basic instrument training: 5 hours of simulator and  5 hours flight on Socata TB20
  • Commercial pilot's licence CPL (A): 15 hours on Socata TB20 with 7 hours of advanced general handling and 8 hours of advanced navigation.
The course runs for two weeks for the basic instrument course and 3 weeks for the CPL course.

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