EPAG NG Flight Training Centre

Modular IR ME

Course description

The objective of the IR course is to enable the student to reach the skill level required to fly mutli-engine aircraft in instrument conditions. 

The holder of an IR may fly an aircraft in instrument conditions to a decision height of  200 feet (60 m).

In the case of an IRME the holder may extend this decision height to below 200 feet if specific training is successfully completed in a multi-crew aircraft section 6 of the practical examination according to appendix 9 of regulation EU-1178/2011.

Instrument flight is considered to be dangerous for unprepared pilots. The IR course gradually introduces the flying techniques required as well as the use of radio navigation equipment and instrument departures and approaches.

The physiological side of human factors will become evident as the student encounters real-life instrument weather conditions. Believing the instruments and having a good scanning cycle are the keys to mastering instrument flight in instrument conditions.

Entry conditions

To begin the course candidates must hold: 

at least a PPL (A) with:

  • A valid SEP
  • A valid night rating issued according to FCL.810
  • A valid IR or ATPL theory certificate (valid 3 year maximum)
  • A certificate of completion of the basic instrument course, or
  • A CPL(A), with:
  • A valid SEP and
  • A valid English language proficiency (FCL.055d).

Candidates must have completed at least 50 hours of cross country flight as pilot in command.
For students who have obtained a CPL outside of the EPAG NG an assessment of competency will be made before course entry.

Detailed description

The IR-ME training is divided into two parts:

  • The multi-engine pistion rating (MEP). This course lasts  2 weeks and comprises 6 hours of flight on a DA42 aircraft as well as all ground school.
  • The instrument rating (IR). This begins with familiarisation with radio navigation techniques using Computer Based Training (CBT). It continues with 30 hours certified  FNPT II simulators followed by 15 hours of practical flight training on the DA42 aircraft. This second phase lasts 14 weeks.
Technical resources
  • Diamond DA42 for practical flight training
  • Certified Alsim DA42 FNPT II simulator
  • Training computers (CBT)
  • Fully equipped classrooms
  • Briefing rooms
  • Large flight preparation rooms

Diplomas and examinations

The IR-ME is issued after successfully passing the practical flight test with an approved examiner.


  • Total course duration is 16 weeks
  • 6 hours on DA42 for the MEP rating
  • 15 hours on DA42 for the instrument rating
  • 30 hours of FNPT II simulator training

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