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Revalidations and renewals reference sheet


"Revalidation", is defined as maintaining a rating beyond the date of initial issue. A rating is revalidated before the expiry date in order to retain its privileges.

"Renewal", is defined as regaining the privileges lost once their expiry date has been passed. It is possible to renew a lost rating.

Entry conditions

Before making an appointment for a revalidation or renewal it is necessary to send us copies of your licences and ratings, your medical certificate and the last three pages of you log book in order to verify their validity and conform to regulations in your best interests.

Technical resources

  • FPNT II simulator for initial assessment
  • Appropriate aircraft to the revalidation or renewal sought
  • Fully equipped classrooms
  • Briefing rooms
  • Large flight preparation room


Detailed description

A revalidation is carried out during a competency assessment flight with an examiner who has the required privileges. The duration of the flight or simulator session will vary depending on the rating.

A renewal always begins with an assessment in an aircraft or simulator.

Then, there is a re-training phase, the contents of which are decided on by the head of training with regard to the initial assessment (this training programme must be approved by the authority).

Regardless of the expiry date regulations stipulte that the duration of the re-training will be at least one hour.

Finally, a competency check flight is made with a qualified examiner in order to renew the rating. Flight duration will depend on the examiner.

Note: If the expiry date is over than 7 years ago then a complete training course will be required to renew the rating.

Diplomas and examination

The licencing office will renew the rating upon production of the competency check flight paperwork.


Depends on type of renewal or revalidation

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