EPAG NG Flight Training Centre


EPAG NG is built on a 50 year history of aviation training and know-how.

It all began with Jean Mermoz recruiting André Ramondo to become an Air France pilot. In 1957 André created the Jean Mermoz aeronautical institute followed by the Institut Aéronautique Amaury de la Grange (IAAG) with Didier Daurat and Louis Notteghem in 1962.

The early 80s saw the creation of the EPAG following an agreement between the IAAG and the directors of UTA, Air Inter and Air France.

The flying school built its reputation training to the standards required by major airlines. This was achieved by constantly working closely with them on the procedures, methods and training programs. This know-how on an international level did not come about by chance as our competitors know too well. Due to the economic crisis and the subsequent lack of recruitment within Air France, the EPAG began to work with Chinese student pilots from their Asian partners.


Today, the creators of the new EPAG NG company are focused on reconciling innovation, economic realism, historical know-how and training expertise. Their aim is to offer the best and most cost-effective training service.

Heritage and modernity. The historical legacy continues.