EPAG NG Flight Training Centre

Training Materials

The procedures and working methods used within the school right from the start of training correspond to the requirements of airlines. All of the regulatory, training and operational documentation is in English using EFB (Elecronic Flight Bag) tools.

An EPAG NG student will be confidant in the knowledge that this know-how, experience and working methods will be more than sufficient for any test or evaluation and a major asset for future airline employment.

All flight parameters are systematically recorded on the EFB for lesson editing.

  • Aircraft Operating Manual BE58 Minimum Equipment List
  • Aircraft Operating Manual CAP10 C Landing Gear and brakes
  • VFR MANUAL General Handling : Take Off
  • Aircraft Operating Manual TB20 Detailed Emergency Procedures
  • Aircraft Operating Manual TB20 Expanded Procedure
  • IR MANUAL Managment of the final approach
  • IR MANUAL Racetracks with Wind Correction
  • IR MANUAL Rapid Join Procedure
  • VFR MANUAL General Handling : Take OFF
  • EFB Recording Racetracks are recorded by EFB (Electronic Flight Bag)
  • EFB Recording Parameters are recorded by EFB (Electronic Flight Bag)