EPAG NG Flight Training Centre


Carte Espace Supérieur - © SIA
Situated at 2h from Paris by TGV, the Merville-Calonne airfield has been historically dedicated to flight training.


The infrastructure dedicated to flight consists of: a 1,000m grass strip, a paved 1,840m RWY 22 with instrument approach lights and full night capacity, approach locator with ILS/DME and on RWY 04 an approach locator with DME and GNSS Rnav

Weather conditions:

For IFR and VFR, Merville has a temperate western climate with varied and changeable weather conditions exposing students to flight in "real weather" (crosswind, low visibility, icing, turbulence) and the associated decisions.


The proximity of complex TMAs with dense traffic (Paris, London, Brussels, Amsterdam and Luxembourg) along with systematic use of English radiotelephony are a great training asset.